Le Juki Little Words. Photo - Max CuttingLe Juki bring together a fresh taste of melangerie, referencing classic soul/blues, grime and psych folk, blending lush harmonies and progressive song structures with a child-like simplicity. Their own combination of virtuosity and musical primitivism, and a very adventurous approach to composition, is both familiar yet totally unique.

The three members come from heavily contrasting musical terrains; Kassia Zermon, aka Bunty, an experimental vocal loop artist; Lee Westwood, Brighton’s virtuosic guitarist and composer; Jules Arthur, classically trained viola/piano player and synth obsessor.

Le Juki are One Taste Events favourites (where the likes of Jamie Woon and Polar Bear started out). They have also played support slots for up-and-coming Glastonbury competition winners Dizraeli & The Small Gods, and appeared at the 2009 Beatabet residency in Shunt (London Bridge).

Debut album ‘Capillaries’ out now on Beatabet Records.

photo – Max Cutting