Jun 24

Live Review @ Sheffield O2

Great live review by Anne Grange of the Sheffield O2 gig we did with the Small Gods! Here’s what she said –

“Le Juki are a quirky three-piece, comprising Kassia Zermon AKA Bunty, on vocals and percussion. The percussion is a little unusual as she plays a wooden box and a large coolbox; the sort of thing usually used for keeping your beer and sausages cold. Its potential as an instrument must have been discovered on a camping trip. The other band members are Lee Westwood with his beautiful acoustic guitar playing and subtle vocals; and Jules Arthur, a classically trained viola player and experimental synth player. The vocal harmonies are spell-binding, combined with analogue synth loops. The sound is thoughtful acoustic folk music with a weird electronic twist. Lee and Jules are also members of tonight’s headline band, Disraeli and the Small Gods.

They play a song with a chorus Eat! Eat! Eat!, combining jazz scat-singing, Django Reinhardt style guitar playing and deranged synth noises. The most intriguing moment of the gig is when Kassia puts a tray on top of the coolbox and sets off various wind-up toys in time with the music, playing a kazoo and tiny toy maracas that must have come from a Christmas cracker. The toys generate a gently evolving sound.

The songs are surreal ad strangely moving. There’s a song about “drowning in a dream”, and it is a very dream-like sound; the song starting with a hand-bell and dreamy, folky vocals. There’s even a song about “an old man waking up in a forest and realising that he’s still pissed”. The set climaxes with human beat-boxing, intense female vocals and the Korg synthesiser in overdrive.”

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